Defying gravity

I needed to make a turntable to apply a two part resin finish.

It took quite awhile to figure everything out, what turns slow enough, how to make a vertical turntable instead of a horizontal turntable. Why ? anything sitting on a horizontal turntable will allow gravity to draw the thick resin finish downward and just create a puddle of finish on the bottom before the resin sets up.

A vertical turntable ( at the correct speed) will actually pick the drips and runs before they drop off, because of the rotation and continue to have the finish build up layers as it continues to rotate and have the runs and sags re-apply themselves to the finish coat. A slower drying resin works the best as over time rotating it does self level out the surface, and abolishes the sags and runs. A very fun challenge

Pitt Meadows Maple Ridge Art Studio Tour

Mothers day Weekend May 13th and 14th 2023

10 AM till 4 PM both Saturday and Sunday.

over 100 Artists, and 31 Locations to view / buy amazing artisans work in

all different forms, pottery, jewelry, paintings, sculptures, wood art, stained Glass,

textiles, Photography, and more.

Maps and list of Artisans available for free download at

Christmas Shopping

People are worried about Covid and shopping. If your double vaccinated you can come to my Gallery and purchase beautiful hand crafted, one of a kind wood products.

Contact information is on the web page along with a few pictures of items I make.

Many more and different items for sale . Discounts on large purchases.

If you have Facetime, I can have a show and tell. I also take cash, credit cards, and etransfers.

making more room,

Thanks to all the buyers, I just created a sold folder to clear up some of my galleries. I will be adding new items in each gallery . If you would like to see what you missed you can check out the sold Gallery.

Seam Ripper

Seam Ripper $25.00

Price $20.00

Description: Resin Petrified Wood and Acrylic. seam ripper. One of a kind. Large and small ends reversible for safe traveling.

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  • Seam Ripper $25.00
    Hand Crafted seam rippers

Bolt Action Pen SOLD

Acrylic Gun Pen
Price on request


A beautiful Bolt action pen. I mix my own colours as Purple is the number one colour requested! I add just enough silver to make beautiful swirls though-out the pen. I make sure the bolt action operates the same as a bolt action on a gun. The bottom of the pen is just like a real bullet. The cartridge is black ink and a standard cartridge available at all office supplies.

Hand-Crafted Pen

Maple Burl Acylic and Copper


Resin petrified Maple Burl, and hand made mixed Purple/ silver acrylic pen. Two years in the making of joining two different mediums, wood and acrylics, resin petrified wood becomes hard as rock, and binds air tight with acrylics.  

Truly one of a kind, this pen’s duplicate can not be found anywhere in the world. Guaranteed Purple is a my mixture of colors to obtain the perfect shade, then I add just the right amount of silver to make amazing swirls in the pen. Pen is polished brass fittings which blends perfectly with the purple silver colors. The pen is half twist to open and close, black ink and standard refills available in any stationary store.